Electricity Units Monitoring

Adil Imran
3 min readAug 15, 2020

Almost more than one decade has completed but still, we are facing issues in Pakistan for electricity and its gradually increasing bills. Nowadays, this issue is on top, even our upper-middle-class disturbed because of its increasing price day by day. As we know in Pakistan electricity unit price changes after a certain number of units like if the unit price is Rs 10 after 300 units it will increase and it will become Rs 15 per unit. Many people may not know about this and those who know about it, they don’t really understand how the price is changing after a certain number of units consumed. The price of units also varies on time, in peak hours the price is much higher than normal hours.

I realized a big gap in this scenario that people want to reduce their bills but they are not able to do this even some people have stuck in that how they can control it. They can never control it until they don’t have good stats in hand to measure their consummation daily.

So, what is the solution and where is it? Don’t worry I have a solution to it that how we can tackle it. I will tackle it with an electricity monitoring device. This device will be able to monitor units’ consumptions simultaneously and shows the results of it in a mobile app that will be integrated with this device. This app shows your consummated units and suggests to you how to manage it. It will show you estimated bills at the end of the month and also current units are going on, peak hours, average units’ consumption, alerts, and many more.

How will it be more helpful than? I know you are thinking about this question. I would like to share with you an example of fitness apps. These apps are gaining popularity over and over because these give you the daily task to achieve for your big goal. Like you want to reduce your 10kg weight you cannot reduce it in a single day so these apps give you a proper plan in the form of a daily base task which is achievable and measurable so with the help of these apps we are getting reduce weight. As it is, this app will give their user a daily task which will be helping in achieve their main goal that is to reduce the monthly electricity consumption of units.