Adil Imran
2 min readAug 4, 2020

I am writing this blog for my second goal which is “Improve Myself”. I want to improve myself like communication skills, self-confidence, and English. It will help me in my business for interacting with clients and it will also help in my Master’s degree admission.

I have faced many difficulties because of my poor communication skill and poor English. I did not talk in public and as well as I did not able to talk with my client event I did not able to write a single line of English sentences to send mail for university admission.

For Improving English

For improving my English, I start book reading as well as I am reading IELTS books and for testing myself I put myself in different kinds of situations.

For communication Skills

For improving my communication skills, I try to talk to my friend and group member in English as well as I try to talk with International clients on Freelancing platforms.

For Self-confidence

For improving my self-confidence, I stand-up in front of the mirror and try to speak long English sentences in a single go. It boosts my confidence over and over and increases my public speaking comfort zone.

These all activities, I am performing to improve myself but one of the biggest decision which I have taken to improve myself is Amal Academy. This decision is showing its results very quickly and I am feeling a huge change in myself. I am realizing how much it has importance for me in improving myself in the right way.

While doing these activities, I afeared how I will do these but when I start everything was sorting gradually. My experience in these activities was very good. I learn many things from it. I have decided to carry on these activities unit I will not get good command on these activities.