Life-Changing Experience

Try to find out ways

Before the Amal fellowship, I had a very short temperament, lack of time management, lack of commitment and did not know the magic of kindness and gratitude. The journey began, I started project works that they were giving me on the weekly basis and I was just attending a weekly session, and completing my project works and magic start happens and everything getting better gradually. This magic gives you positive energy, not just I but also people around me are feeling changes in me and it was the best feelings ever which felt in my life.

  1. Figure out the nature of a student
  2. Trying to push all of them on the same track
  3. Improve student non- technical skills like time management, communication, and behavior attitude
  4. How you can stay calm and kind
  5. The art of gratitude
  6. Growth mind-set
  7. One to one session
  8. And my favorite stay positive with others as well as with his self



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