Life-Changing Experience

Adil Imran
3 min readOct 9, 2020


Four months ago, I was struggling with self-confidence, communication skills, depression, anxiety, and many more things because I did not have a job or any other financial income stream, my plans have disrupted due to the COVID-19 in-short I had broken mentally as well financially.

One of my childhood friends met with me fortunately, he understands my situation and asks me one thing, “I understand your situation, do you believe in me?” I said Yes!, why not! Then he told me about AMAL ACADEMY, Before that, I knew a little bit about Amal but he told me completely about it and I had desperate and I was finding ways how I can take admission to Amal. I completed my research on it that how I can get admission to Amal and applied for it. After a month of struggle, I got admission.

I remembered my first orientation class, it was an excellent experience but till now I did not understand how they can change or swing the mood of people.

To be honest, they know, how to change a bad mood into an awesome mood.

Try to find out ways

Before the Amal fellowship, I had a very short temperament, lack of time management, lack of commitment and did not know the magic of kindness and gratitude. The journey began, I started project works that they were giving me on the weekly basis and I was just attending a weekly session, and completing my project works and magic start happens and everything getting better gradually. This magic gives you positive energy, not just I but also people around me are feeling changes in me and it was the best feelings ever which felt in my life.

What I have found in these months and on which things they are working on!

  1. Figure out the nature of a student
  2. Trying to push all of them on the same track
  3. Improve student non- technical skills like time management, communication, and behavior attitude
  4. How you can stay calm and kind
  5. The art of gratitude
  6. Growth mind-set
  7. One to one session
  8. And my favorite stay positive with others as well as with his self

This fellowship has a lot more things but these things have changed my perspective and way of thinking.

What I have achieved from this fellowship, I have learned leadership skills and my learning group won the weekly best circle award twice, leaned time management skill, by using this skill I won the most thoughtful award in our batch and learned communication skill and by using this I have founded investor for my business.

The basic agenda of Amal Academy is to empower our youth and help them in their technical and non-technical skills which they do not have and facing issues in the job market and business field after completing their degrees.

Many more things which they are providing and helping our youth. I am attaching the link of it below, you can visit their website as well apply for admission if you are willing and have sufficient time in your daily routine. The duration of this course is almost 3 months. This course is founded by Standford University and PepsiCo, you can take admission at a very affordable fee which will be definitely lesser than your weekly expense.