Need to Change the Mindset of Beggars

Adil Imran
3 min readAug 13, 2020


We see beggars everywhere on roads, mosques, and signals and I have seen how they work and how professional they are. Pakistani people are too emotional and they are always ready to help them without knowing they are actually deserving or not. I respect those people who are ready for helping needy people but in this scenario, I feel we are on the wrong track because they have made it business and they are taken it as a profession. The average salary of labor in Pakistan is Rs. 1000 on a daily basis and they are earning much more than this by begging so why will they work? I just want to tell you that stop giving those people who are not deserving.

I have seen people that give plan babies only for this even they cut their hands or legs for making it more profitable. I mean, this is human nature if we see disabled people, we got emotional and give them more.


We want to create proper infrastructure for them. In which, first of all, we want to build an organization for those people who are willing to help needy. Then we create jobs for these beggars and give them a bit more than Rs. 1000 daily. If we will give them a good amount of money and facilities, we will be able to seek the attention of more beggars and this way society will start its journey towards progress

I know you are thinking about how we will generate money for giving them? Don’t worry your answer is here.

As I have told above, we need to build a trust organization where people donate generously. With the help of these people, we will create an infrastructure in which every beggar gets a job on their ability. We will make a role no one gets money without work and everyone knows that if they work only then they will get money otherwise they will not able be to take a single penny. At the same time, we should teach downers that your money is making them useless and irresponsible. So stop giving them on signals and mosques

I know these words feel harsh but my idea is to change their begging mindset only and put in their minds that no one gives you a single penny until you do work. No matter what kind of work and how hard it is. The main idea is only changing their begging mindset.