Self -Discipline

Adil Imran
3 min readOct 16, 2020


If I talk about the experience and journey of Amal, I can not tell you everything about it because Amal gives me a lot of good memories and experiences but I would like to talk about few things which were fantabulous in my experiences and these also Amal’s principles

  1. Amal ( Action)
  2. Khudi ( Self-confidence)
  3. Kam Kam Kam (Hard Work)
  4. Aik Aur Aik 11

These are not just principles these are life changers points for making a person’s life practical, confident, manageable, and easier. It also aligns your self with discipline.

Started an Amal journey with a lot of passion, excitement, and hunger for learning new skills. In my first orientation session, I was fully tired because of a lot of workload and depression, Maybe, I do not take it that session because I was mentally upset due to my current circumstances but I took the session and it changed my mood completely and I was shocked. I forgot the name of that teacher but she had next level of positive energy and she gave us a task that name was Ice-breaking activity, that activity swings all my class fellow’s mood too. After that session, my passion, excitement, and hunger for learning new skills escalated.

Only in the first two weeks, I had learned honesty, acceptance, responsibility, growth, and humility. Before it, I consider these are just words but after understanding the actual meaning and importance of these in life, I had changed my mindset about life. These things give me the knowledge of kindness and kindness has power which is more than any nuclear atomic power. One more interesting thing I learned in the initial days that was camera facing, I was not a social media or camera person and I got scared when I faced the camera but now I can easily face the camera and present my point of view too.

In this Amal’s journey, I received a lot of feedback from my mates and instructors, and after reading that feedback I discovered two new things in myself. These are

  1. Supporting others
  2. De-motivate

I am always ready for supporting others in their problems, try to understand their problems, and try to solve them how much I can. The second thing I discovered, I become demotivated quickly and need motivation sessions on a weekly basis. yes, it's weird but I discovered it in myself in this Amal journey.