Taking Flight 🕊

Adil Imran
2 min readOct 23, 2020


That Was a good day or bad, I am confused up till now. Last week we were planning to go to Islamabad for our first batch meetup. I was a bit excited because I was going to meet my awesome mates and outstanding teachers.

The day came, we had a plan in which four persons were willing to go to Islamabad. The night before going to Islamabad two of them canceled their plan, I got really de-motivated after listening to that news but still, I did not cancel the plan. I was talking with my last trip partner he was motivating me for the trip and I had prepared my mind for that trip. We planned, we woke up early morning like 5.am and he will come to my home and then we will go to the Islamabad. Sunday morning, I woke up early, clean my shoes and press my dress, and got ready for the trip. I had waiting of my trip partner since early morning but he was asking me again and again for different sorts of reasons and asking me just to give me 30 more minutes. He came to my place around 8 am and the meeting was 11 am. I had completely de-motivated and we both have not enough time for traveling. I canceled my plan and he wents to Islambad alone.

I am really missing my weekly session and my mates too. So, I am planning to get in touch with my friend for a long period. I am planning to share my every month progress in form of a poster or any other graphical representation to my mate in our Facebook and What’s App group, by using this way we will stay get in touch and interesting thing I will have a goal or milestone to share with my mates and mates will also motivate by looking my performance.

This fellowship gives me a lot and it is not countable. I learn how to build confidence, time management, communication skills, and many more things that I have learned from this fellowship.

I would like to share with everyone my beautiful mates.